Still Life

Shooting "Still Life"

I love photographing Still-Lifes. It is for me a kind of creative renewal.

A minimal crew, no waiting for the hair, make-up is done, no deliveries.
It’s my time of creating a landscape of items I collected over the years or things I found on the street.

For the picture «La poule aux œufs d’or» (the chicken with a golden egg) I created a set around the eggs. A boiled egg, fried eggs, small and large eggs, and a running egg. Yes, with running legs!

I sent one of my assistants to the local Butcher’s shop to ask if it would be possible to get chicken legs to use as a prop for a photo setting.

While I am in a meeting with clients, I received a call from the assistant «In which color do you want the chicken legs?» (I am known for my precise preparations)! «They have light red, pale yellow, or more in the orange direction?» I will never forget the expressions on the faces of clients in my atelier in front of me.» «Well, she is an artist – isn’t she?» 

Running eggs with light red legs, look to the left side of the picture…

Cathleen Naundorf

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