Exhibition Catalogues

Cathleen Naundorf
Museum Kornwestheim

Stuttgart, Germany, 2011
Author: Irmgard Sedler

Group shows catalogues

Allure. Collection Susanne von Meiss.

Publisher: Kehrer, 2016
Author: Birgit Filzmaier
Artists: William Klein, Cindy Sherman, Robert Marpelthorp, Lilian Bassman, Sarah Moon,R ichard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Cathleen Naundorf

Fashion stills. Si la mode m’était contée. FRANCE

Publisher: Sofitels Worldwide, 2010
Author: Yann Caillere

Si la mode m’était contée Francia

Publisher: Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg, 2009
Author: Véronique Claude

Mujeres en plura. Lola Garrido Collection. Fundacio Canal, Madrid, SPAIN

Authors: Cristina Ruiz Orfila, Lola Garido Armendariz
Artists : Ellen von Unwerth, Edward Steichen, Irving Penn, Man Ray, Robert Mapplethorp, Karl Lagerfeld, William Klein, Cathleen Naundorf

Mujeres etcétera. Moda y Mujer en Diversas Collectiones. Lola Garrido Collection.
Fundación Foto Colectania, Barcelona, Spain

Authors: Lola Garido Armendariz, Mario Rotllant
Artists: Erwin Blumenfeld, David Baley, Irving Penn, Karl Lagerfeld, William Klein, Frank Horvath, Cathleen Naundorf

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