Around The Globe

shooting "Around The Globe"

I love cinema and when I watched one day «Those magnificent men in their Flying machines» I got the idea of capturing «women traveling around the globe» across different continents.

Instead of traveling around the world with tonnes of cargo and technical crew, I choose different handpainted wallpapers as the backdrops for each setting and remained at home.

Mind-travelling is sometimes easier!!!

The series started with the photograph «On the road to Jaipur»  with a bicycle wheel called a Penny Farthing and gave the note of a Jules Verne fantasy feeling.

We mounted the landscape wallpapers during the night and I shot them in the morning when the sun rose. Then mounting during the day and shooting in the night «Magic Nights».

I did this over 4 days and nights. It was like traveling!

Cathleen Naundorf

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