Cathleen Naundorf’s new book takes us on a rare and stunning photographic journey into CHANEL’s haute couture archives that brings the spirit of Coco Chanel to life. —SK

The newest photographic book to hit our coffee table is another 200-plus-page gem from luxury book publisher Rizzoli. Cathleen Naundorf, granted access to the hallowed CHANEL haute couture archives, provides us with a stunning series of fashion images. The models, set in iconic Paris locations synonymous with Chanel, like 31 Rue Cambon and the Grand Palais, were photographed using a large-format camera and Polaroid medium, which Naundorf used to compose her painterly and dreamy images. The models are shaped in 50s-style poses and attitudes inspired by famed photographer Horst P. Horst, with whom Naundorf had a friendship. Equally
compelling are the book’s diary pages that offer a glimpse into Naundorf ’s daily planning and inspiration. Like painters’ studies, these mood boards allow us to dive deeper into the thought process of the brilliant photographer’s mind. It’s likely Coco, herself, would approve this book.

Women of Singular Beauty: CHANEL
Haute Couture By Cathleen Naundorf,
hardcover, 208 pages, 10” x 13.”

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