Cathleen Naundorf in Conversation at the V&A

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London,  the world’s leading museum of art and design, hosted Cathleen Naundorf on November 4th, for a conversation where she discussed her approach and how she has been influenced by her earlier experiences in photoreportage, covering communities such as the Yanomami tribe in Amazonia and shamans in Siberia.

First inspired to move into fashion by her long-standing friendship with Horst P Horst, photographer and artist Cathleen Naundorf has worked with couture houses from Chanel to Dior to Valentino over the past two decades.

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Photography is the medium through which fashion is captured as an art form. Together they form the symbiotic space in which haute couture photography resides. It is here that one fashion photographer stands out amongst her contemporaries and predecessors; her work compared to the legendary likes of Richard Avedon and Irving Penn. Cathleen Naundorf is an artist and pioneer in the realm of fine art photography and an iconic figure in the fashion industry; having been granted total access to the ateliers of the gods of haute couture themselves to realize her painting like photographic creations.

Creative Mapping : Cathleen Naundorf Paris Photo 2016

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Fine art, haute couture photographer Cathleen Naundorf holds a privileged position within the world of fashion and photography as one the few photographers granted access into the ateliers of the most renowned designers in the industry including Jean-Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, Elie Saab, Christian Lacroix, Versace, Armani and more… Born in Germany and mentored by the iconic Horst P. Horst, Naundorf can be compared to legends like Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, all the while pioneering her way through a unique artistic genre combining fine art photography, haute couture designs, and multi-disciplinary polaroid meets painterly aesthetics that reveal a timeless world of whimsy where past and present come together in the making of her singular vision of haute couture and photographic art.

We have the privilege to present a selection of her work, courtesy of Hamiltons Gallery, which were displayed at the Grand Palais for Paris Photo 2016. In addition to her exhibition accolades, this year alone, Naundorf was invited to speak at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in Cathleen Naundorf in Conversation during which she spoke about her long-standing friendship with Horst P. Horst, her earliest influences, and her spectacular two-decade spanning career working with couture houses.

In addition, Naundorf won the American Photography Award 2016, with the following photograph of Dior Haute Couture published for the American Express Departures Magazine: